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I am fascinated by the possibilities for language learning and teaching offered by the latest advances in technology and by the many (too many!?) websites and tools available for learning and teaching languages. This blog will introduce different tools that have proven practical and effective for language teachers (and gratis!). Since the needs and levels of adoption of technology vary so much among teachers, I’ll try to include 3 different tools each entry. You can skim and scroll down to those you are interested in.

Audacity has been around for a while and is still a favourite amongst teachers to record sounds into computers. It works across platforms and you can edit the recordings to create, for example, a radio show with music, reports and interviews. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

GoogleDocs is a suite of applications to create documents collaboratively and store them in cyberspace. Wonderful for group work, projects, presentations, etc. https://docs.google.com

Popplet? Think Prezi + Glogster + Inspiration, you’ve got Popplet. Try it for a different ¿Qué hiciste en las vacaciones? http://popplet.com

Hasta la próxima. Please contribute with ideas and questions.

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